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Rear Bumper Reflector Fog Light - M3/Y

Rear Bumper Reflector Fog Light - M3/Y

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Enhance the functionality and style of your Tesla Model Y or Model 3 with our Rear Bumper Reflector Light. Designed specifically for the rear bumpers of these models, our tail light conversion replaces the original reflectors with functional LED lights, offering improved visibility and a sleek, modern design. Enjoy the following features:

  • Functional LED Lights: Upgrade from plain reflectors to flashing brake lights and outward running lights for turn signals, increasing safety and adding a dynamic element to your vehicle's rear end.
  • Headlight Activation: Our tail lights automatically turn on when your vehicle's headlights are activated, ensuring optimal visibility at all times.
  • Improved Safety: Enhance visibility during challenging driving conditions such as rain, fog, and snow, allowing other drivers to see your vehicle more clearly and maintain a safe distance.
  • Sleek Design: Elevate the look of your Tesla with our modern and eye-catching rear bumper tail light design, giving your car a distinct and stylish appearance.

Transform your Tesla Model Y or Model 3 with our Rear Bumper Tail Light, combining functionality, safety, and a sleek design to enhance your driving experience.

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